Don Shazwan Don Zakaria

Don Shazwan Don Zakaria

Monday, 11 March 2013

we islam are more christian than the christians

assalamualaikum fellow i would like 2 share with you about the christianity.....don't you realise that we as a muslim are more christian than the christians themselves...if you read the bible...there is a verse that say "do not have an alcoholic in your life"'s mean we islam are already forbidden to the alcohol..for another example the old tastement of the bible...have been tell us that..."you should not have pork".....same as what in islam of the book (al quran) says to the muslim to don't eat pork....nowdays...the christians said the bible is the word of god ... brothers and sister, if you agree with that...than please refer to your book (bible)'s mention that, if you don't follow the old will not enter the this situation...if we see properly,...i guarantee that, we muslims are more christian than themselves...because we muslim's are not having alcoholic and pork....

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